Tyler Swim School


Tyler Swim School • 3030 State Hwy 31 East, Tyler, TX  75702 •  (903) 595-1222  or (903) 595-2703

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Mon-Fri:    9 AM - 6 PM

Saturday:  9 AM - 5 PM

3030 State Hwy 31 East  •   Tyler, TX  75702

(903) 595-1222   or   (903) 595-2703

Scuba Center, a successful SCUBA diving training facility and retail store located in Tyler Texas for over 25 years, has expanded to include swim lessons through the Tyler Swim School.

It's indoor, heated swimming pool allows for year round swim classes. The Tyler Swim School teachers and trainer are certified by Swim Schools International.

Swim Schools International grew out of the passion of a few avid aquatic professionals in both the swimming and scuba diving worlds. They were intent on creating a worldwide, standardized program for swim instruction, open to anyone that wanted to better their abilities and level of swim instruction in their facilities.

Swim Schools International stands as the paradigm for swim teacher certification worldwide. It's training initiatives and certification requirements ensure that the certified teachers are capable of meeting the needs and abilities of swimmers of all ages - from 6 months old all the way through adulthood.

About Tyler Swim School &

the Scuba Center

Should a teacher have to miss a class, all are trained with and use the “GOLD SCRIPT©”. Your swimmer will receive consistent instruction.

We ask you to withhold judgment until your swimmer has had several lessons. Our classes are fun, interesting, and move quickly in order to retain your child's attention. Tyler Swim School teachers use the GOLD SCRIPT©, which is our set of very detailed lesson plans.

The plans for each level are designed for several skills to progress in small increments each week. Consequently, improvement will be more apparent over several lessons. We are confident that you will be delighted with our program as your swimmer advances through the levels. Then you will know as we do, that this is the way lessons should be.

The last few minutes of every class are devoted to demonstrating to parents the goals and skills of the lesson. This close-up view of your child’s last turn as well as the teacher’s explanation of each day’s goals will help to keep you informed of your child's progress in lessons.

Consistent Teaching & the

“GOLD SCRIPT©” Teaching Method