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Tyler Swim School • 3030 State Hwy 31 East, Tyler, TX  75702 •  (903) 595-1222  or (903) 595-2703

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Mon-Fri:    9 AM - 6 PM

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3030 State Hwy 31 East  •   Tyler, TX  75702

(903) 595-1222   or   (903) 595-2703

Tyler Swim School • 3030 State Hwy 31 East, Tyler, TX  75702 •  (903) 595-1222  or (903) 595-2703

There are many different class levels that are offered at Tyler Swim School based on the Starfish Aquatics Institute swim program (A PADI program). One of these class levels is sure to be perfect for your child. However, since your child is unique, be sure to communicate with his or her Teacher regularly, to insure that we are meeting the specific needs of your child. Classes are usually 30 minutes, once a week.

Make sure you have booked your child in a class that fits your schedule. Please understand that the teacher is there and paid to teach your child, even if you do not come to class. We strive to maintain consistency for our students.

There are, however, situations that require a change in teachers, classmates, or schedules. We will do everything possible to make transitions smooth for your child.

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We require that the child's caregiver not leave the facility during lessons. We rely on you in case of an emergency or a necessary bathroom break for your child. Safe supervision of your child is a problem if parents are not present when swim class is over. We rely on the parents to keep their children safe in our facility before and after lessons.

Please arrive at Tyler Swim School at least 5-10 minutes before your child's class is scheduled to start. New swimmers are rattled when being rushed into class.

Late arrival also leads to running on deck, which is hazardous and strongly discouraged. If you and your child are in a Baby & Me class, it is especially important to arrive early. Getting into the pool safely with the little ones takes time. Your Teacher or Deck Manager will hold your child while you enter the water and then hand your child back to you. Safety first!

What to Bring To Swim Class

All swimmers at every level need to have a swim suit, a towel, and shoes at every lesson. No bare feet in the parking lot. Beach bags, swim goggles, ear plugs, and swim caps are all optional and available for sale in our pro shop. Any other tools required for class are provided by Tyler Swim School.

Stay During Lessons

Class Start Time - Arrive Early

Bathroom Use

Please help us keep the pool as clean and sanitary as possible by encouraging your swimmers to use the bathroom facilities before class.

Not only will this practice prevent pool accidents, but will save precious class time, should your swimmer need to use the facilities during lessons. We ask that you supervise children under 5 years of age in the bathroom for their safety.

Make-Up Policy

In order to maintain the integrity of our classes regarding content, size, consistency, and progression, we do not offer make-ups or refunds for missed lessons.

Adding children to classes for make-ups disrupts the rhythm of the class. Please do your best to attend your scheduled classes. Instead, Tyler Swim School, will extend one $15 credit to any child who misses class due to illness. That $15 credit can be used for lessons, special events, or in the pro shop.

A doctor’s note will be required to receive this credit. Extraordinary and extended illnesses will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Swim Pants - Under 4 Years Old!

Fecal contamination in or around a pool poses a serious health risk to all using the facility. When an accident occurs, we are forced to shut down operations for an extended period of time to properly clean and sanitize our facility.

We are trying to reduce the spread of disease and inconvenience to swimmers whose lessons are canceled. For the health and safety of our swimmers and teachers, please heed the following guidelines.

Children UNDER FOUR YEARS OLD are required to wear reusable swim pants. Due to the failure of disposable swim diapers to work effectively, we must require only reusable, Health Department approved, swim pants in our pool.

Tyler Swim School provides a wide selection of swim pants for sale in our retail area. Some styles fit under your child’s swimsuit and other styles ARE your child’s swimsuit. We are experts at fitting swim pants. Please do not buy a size for your child to “grow into.” The elastic legs must be tight enough to contain an accident. Please arrive a few minutes early to purchase your child’s swim pants.