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Tyler Swim School • 3030 State Hwy 31 East, Tyler, TX  75702 •  (903) 595-1222  or (903) 595-2703

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Mon-Fri:    9 AM - 6 PM

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3030 State Hwy 31 East  •   Tyler, TX  75702

(903) 595-1222   or   (903) 595-2703

Adult Lessons

You CAN learn to swim!

Swimming is excellent exercise, but this is not a fitness program. This is a class designed to teach proper swimming technique to adults.

There is a beginner level class for non-swimming adults and an advanced class for adults wishing to learn technique and advanced strokes.

These skills may be used in future exercise training programs, however the water temperature in our pool is designed for teaching scenarios and is not recommended for distance or endurance purposes.


For the adult that is afraid of the water, we start by initially putting the non-swimmer in vest, mask, snorkel, and fins to develop their confidence, and then reversing the process and removing the equipment one piece at a time as the person gains confidence in their swim skills.

You will begin by wearing an inflatable vest (you cannot possibly sink) while learning the freestyle swim stroke and many more in-water techniques. You’ll be amazed as your confidence builds.

The final goals for this class is tread water for 2 minutes, a 2 minute back float, and swim Freestyle for 65 feet without floatation equipment.


This class is for the adult who want to improve technique and learn more advanced strokes such as freestyle, breast stroke, elementary and competitive backstrokes.

The final goal for this class is to tread water for 5 minutes, swim Freestyle for 130 feet and Elementary Backstroke for 130 feet.