Tyler Swim School


Tyler Swim School • 3030 State Hwy 31 East, Tyler, TX  75702 •  (903) 595-1222  or (903) 595-2703

Store Hours:

Mon-Fri:    9 AM - 6 PM

Saturday:  9 AM - 5 PM

3030 State Hwy 31 East  •   Tyler, TX  75702

(903) 595-1222   or   (903) 595-2703

Class Sections at a Glance

Max of 3 students in class.

Students are divided by AGE and SKILL.



STAR TOTS: BEG. & ADV.   3-4 yrs

BEGINNER: (levels 1 - 3)  5-17 yrs

INTERMEDIATE: 1 & 2    7-17 yrs

ADVANCED: 1 & 2    7-17 yrs

ADULT: BEG. & ADV. 18+ yrs

Weekly Swim Classes

Classes are Once a Week for 30 mins.

The PADI unique curriculum allows open enrollment.  You can sign up for lessons at any time and new sessions start at the beginning of every month.

New classes are regularly being added so call for specific class times.

Our Pool

Tyler Swim School indoor pool allows year round classes for the water enthusiast. Our pool is kept at a comfortable 88° - 91°.

We use a Salt Water System, SmartPure® Sanitizer II , to maintain our pool water quality. Through electrolytic conversion of natural salt, the Sanitizer produces a stable, absolutely pure, incredibly efficient form of non-liquid chlorine. Since it's delivered through our pool's plumbing system, we always have consistent, uniform dispersion throughout the water.

Output is steady, and it is not plagued by the risky highs and lows for which tablet and bottled chlorine are notorious. And while common chlorine increases the calcium level, the Sanitizer actually helps neutralize giving you ultra-soft, swimmer-friendly water.

Children Adult